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Long service awards that include clothing, trips, and more

Scholarship opportunities for employee’s children

Annual salary reviews

Employer-paid health, dental, and paramedical benefits

Employer-matching RRSPs up to 5%

Access to TelaDoc and LifeWorks “Employee and Family Assistance Programs

Employee referral bonus

A commitment to workplace safety

A team of experts
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CANA has been serving Alberta’s commercial and energy construction sectors for over eight decades.

"There is no one person that makes this organization what it is. It is the collective effort of all of us that defines who we are. We believe in our people and continually invest in our employees and their future through our leadership development training."

– Luke Simpson, President, CANA Group of Companies

From the structures in which we work and play, to the streetlights that guide us home at the end of the day, CANA has likely touched the lives of you or your loved ones each day in Alberta.

The company has been owned and managed by the Simpson family for three generations. The family takes a hands-on approach to operating the company to ensure a tradition of consistency for our clients and a close-knit team environment for our employees.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CANA is committed to building a culture that is welcoming, inclusive, safe, and respectful for people from all backgrounds — both in the office and onsite. Our success since 1942 is possible thanks to the different cultures, backgrounds, ideas, and knowledge of our team. 

One of the greatest things about working at CANA is that there’s no shortage of mentors. There are lots of great people here with vast knowledge of construction and many years of experience, and they are always willing to help.

Chad Kollman, Construction Manager


Fraud warning

Please be advised that CANA has recently been targeted by “job scammers” (i.e., persons claiming to represent or to be affiliated with CANA who have contacted job seekers with fraudulent interview requests and false offers of employment).

All prospective employment candidates are required to complete an in-person interview, or in some cases, by telephone before any formal offer is made. CANA does not present a formal offer to any candidate without first contacting the candidate and confirming that a written offer is forthcoming. Additionally, CANA does not require payment from anyone seeking employment with us nor would we request personal information from you via email or by telephone until a formal offer of employment has been made and accepted.

All current CANA job postings are on our website.

In an effort to prevent further cases of this malicious activity, here are some ways you can identify a fake job offer:

  • If you are offered a job without an application or interview.
  • The company asks you to wire money or asks for your credit card information.
  • There is no contact information on the offer. A legitimate job post will provide a contact email or provide a link to a valid company website.

We recommend that you do not respond to any emails extending an unsolicited offer of employment.