About Us

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Building on our solid reputation by thinking straight, talking straight, and doing it right once — with no surprises. 


Providing quality construction strategies and solutions safely, on budget, and on schedule.



Think Straight and Talk Straight

  • Manage expectations
  • Speak the truth in every situation, and be upfront; know how to communicate properly
  • Be fair with your coworkers and clients
  • Support and nurture a collaborative and open environment

Do It Right Once

  • Understand the scope of your work on your project
  • Have a well thought out plan of attack
  • Provide high quality work to reduce re-work

Family Values

  • Have integrity in everything that you do
  • Do it with passion
  • Search for continuous improvement
  • Treat your coworkers and clients with respect
  • Support each other; work together to achieve goals

Commitment to our Community

  • Engage to make a difference
  • Support initiatives in our workplace and community
  • Nurture your work relationships by acting in a professional manner

At the end of the day, it comes down to the attitude and experience of the CANA employees
that truly differentiates it from its competitors.

John Bean, President and Chief Operating Officer 

Calgary Flames