About Us


Safety is our First Priority

The CANA Group of Companies’ Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) program help us proactively mitigate risks and protect the health and safety of the public, project teams, stakeholders, and the environment.  

We are committed to providing a safe work environment. 

Our HSE program meets or exceeds applicable safety legislation and regulations. Safety is part of everything we do at CANA: from planning, to design, to supply, to construction, to operation, and to administrative work.

Seven decades of outstanding safety practices is proof of our commitment to safety and the strength of our HSE program.


Building strong teams

The CANA Group of Companies has dedicated HSE departments. A team of managers, safety advisors, and safety administrators provide a wealth of the life experiences and legislation knowledge to keep CANA’s operations running safely.  By tracking the safety performance of all projects, conducting inspections, and gathering observational data, the safety team effectively analyzes and identifies areas of concern and implements continual improvement.  The company-wide incident notification system also provides a way for the safety team to communicate to staff lessons learned, areas of concern, and corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. 

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

The fundamental goal of our HSE safety management program is to achieve the target of zero preventable incidents. To achieve this, we promote individual accountability, ownership, and responsibility for safety. Supervisors, foremen, work leaders, senior management, and executives have an obligation to create a safe work environment, and know and understand legislation and CANA’s safety management program. The goal is to have everyone – employees and subcontractors – go home at the end of the day in the same condition they arrived.


Our Goal
is Zero

It is far easier to strive to prevent an incident from happening then to have to deal with the repercussions and fall out of any type of serious incident from occurring.

Randa McDonald
CANA Safety Manager