CANA Construction

We are a trusted construction firm in Alberta. We offer:


Seven decades of experience executing commercial construction projects under a myriad of delivery methods.


Experience on some of the most iconic projects in Calgary including the original Saddledome, TELUS Spark, and the Calgary Courts Centre.


A reputation as a “think straight, talk straight, do-it-right-once” contractor.


A commitment to long-term relationships with our clients, local architects, subcontractors, and suppliers.


8,000,000 ft² +

of buildings in downtown Calgary

4,500,000 ft² +

of hospital and related space in Western Canada


of the University of Calgary campus and much of Mount Royal University’s campus

1,000,000 ft²

of low-rise office space

Sports facilities

including McMahon Stadium and the Saddledome

Suburban and inner-city

high- and low-end residential and hotel complexes


Catered to meet your unique project needs

Preconstruction Services

Planning with Certainty

We help you plan, estimate, and schedule your project before a shovel even hits the ground.

We provide input on material selection and availability, schedule, budget, and constructability efficiencies. Making the right decisions during the preconstruction phase allows for a more efficient project approach that can save both time and money.

Our preconstruction services help you determine:


The right budget


The best schedule


The most accurate
picture of the building


The greatest value for dollars


The lowest risk


The best price

Delivery Methods

Meeting your unique project requirements

Now that your project is ready to go, we work with you to customize the delivery process to meet your unique project requirements.

Here is a summary of the delivery methods:

The traditional delivery procurement option, often referred to as General Contracting

Construction Management

Early engagement of the contractor together with the designer


Single source accountability for design and construction

Project Management

Acting on behalf of the owner to manage all aspects of the project

Own Forces

Skilled personnel

CANA has a trained and experienced own forces team comprised of supervisory personnel, skilled carpenters, and labourers that can complete several scopes of work, including concrete placing and finishing, door and hardware installation, and rough carpentry and general site work.

CANA’s supervisory staff and carpenters are ticketed and carry their Gold Seal Certification that recognizes achievements and experience in construction. Gold Seal is focused on continuous improvement and development of construction industry standards in Canada. This focus is one that CANA also shares.

Our involvement with and support of the Gold Seal program demonstrates our commitment to exceeding industry best practices. As an organization, CANA promotes education and advancement of our staff  to ensure that their skills are to the highest level and that they are carrying out work safely and with a superior level of quality.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the attitude and experience of the CANA employess that truly differentiates it from its competitors.

John Bean

Chief Operating Office, Calgary Flames

Sustainable Construction

Building with the future in mind

At CANA, we don’t just talk sustainability—we live it. The future of our planet is important to us and we are taking steps to create a greener future.

Robust Recycling and Composting

Our robust recycling and composting program in the office and onsite is diverting waste from the landfill.

Bluebeam Technology

Our use of the Bluebeam technology has allowed us to create a paperless workflow with RFIs and construction drawings living online.

Zero Tolerance

We have zero tolerance for idling on construction sites—our fleet of vehicles is GPS tracked so we can address any situations where a vehicle has been left running.

We make every effort to build our projects using sustainable materials and practices. One way we do this is by reducing construction waste on all sites through construction recycling programs.

We keep on top of the latest advances in green building - from LEED construction to Net Zero. Our LEED-accredited employees provide our clients with guidance when it comes to developing sustainable projects. We’ve completed 20+ LEED projects, and we want to help you build yours.

CANA is no stranger to the expectation of meeting high environmental standards in construction projects. Having worked on many LEED projects, they are familiar with best practices and, with respect to waste, work very hard to ensure that as few materials reach the landfill as possible. CANA also has included environmental sustainability as a corporate focus area; as such, it is automatically assumed that all of their projects will take energy, waste, water efficiency and more into consideration.

Town of Banff

Did You Know?

CANA was the construction manager for the first LEED certified project in Calgary: the Crowfoot Library. We continue to promote sustainable construction.

Here are just some of the steps we are taking for a better future:


Assist you with costing of alternative high-efficiency systems to lower operational costs


Help control dewatering and soil erosion during construction


Support effective waste management and recycling on sites


Source local, recycled, or sustainable materials


Conserve water and energy during construction


Reduce emissions from idling vehicles and equipment


Conserve environmentally sensitive areas


Bringing your project to life — virtually

Imagine being able to walk through your project before it is built - and imagine knowing that your construction manager has the tools to reduce your project risk by detecting issues before they arise. That’s where Building Information Modeling (BIM) comes in - BIM helps with pre-construction and planning, as well as construction coordination with the architect, structural engineers, and client. 

At CANA, we work collaboratively with the design consultant and subtrades to understand the project intent, identify and resolve conflicts, and address constructability issues. BIM allows us to do this.

Here are the benefits of using BIM on your project:

Entire team works off a “live” document that captures changes in real-time.


Your project is built virtually before it is built in real life. This allows us to spot potential problems before construction starts.


We provide data from 3D models that is easily understandable to the client and consultants. Communication is one of the most important aspects that we can provide to our clients.


Subtrades receive 3D models of different systems (i.e. the mechanical or electrical system) without requiring any special software. This collaborative approach helps minimize potential issues during the construction phase.


We can predict accurate quantities needed to provide cost certainty.


Our team can plan a project with precision and provide our clients with schedule certainty.


We can provide our clients with transitioning to building occupancy by delivering a building model that helps facility management identify and resolve issues.


CANA's professional input and construction expertise was invaluable in keeping the project on track throughout the challening programming, stakeholder facilitation, and budgeting processes.

Local Architect

Taylor Centre For Performing Arts

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