CANA Energy

CANA Energy is a full-service utility contractor 

We have served the utility sector in Western Canada for the past seven decades. 

We work collaboratively with CANA Construction for building construction and development planning. Our focus is on providing our clients with effective project delivery with a focus on project management, quality, budget, and schedule.

Our clients benefit from:


Single source accountability and reduced owner coordination


Qualified and dedicated crews held to the highest safety standards


On-call crews for emergency response/restoration


Specialized fleet of tools and equipment developed in-house


Experience working in diverse and challenging terrains in all seasons


Ability to complete live-line work for overhead distribution and transmission


In-house construction and engineering services that accelerate schedule and reduce costs


A specialized workforce including in-house welding and mechanical services

We Do

We work in new and established communities and provide design, survey, supply, and installation services for most types of utilities. We manage all aspects of underground power, natural gas, telecommunications, fibre optics, street lighting, and traffic control systems. In addition to engineering, procurement, and construction services, we provide feasibility analyses, cost estimating, route acquisitions, approvals, testing, and commissioning. 

Our Clients

Our clients include electric utilities companies, governments, municipalities, developers, telecommunication companies, oil and gas, and independent power producers.


We work with our clients during design, construction, and operations and we provide innovative solutions:

Underground Residential Development

Below the surface connections

We do the underground work that connects you to the services you need. CANA Energy is one of the first companies in Alberta to provide turnkey Underground Residential Development solutions. With skilled, knowledgeable workers and specialized in-house equipment and tools, we provide our clients with single to four-party underground installations for power, cable, TV, natural gas, and telephone connections. Our design and construction approach is safe, low-impact, and efficient.

Did you know?

We provide shallow utility services for over 2,000 lots per year.

Traffic Infrastructure

The Infrastructure to improve traffic flow

CANA Energy specializes in the construction and installation of roadway and steel sign structure installations, streetlighting, and traffic signal installations

We provide new traffic signal installations, upgrades, and modifications to existing infrastructure in both urban and rural environments, as well as emergency services for existing systems. Our typical work includes civil work, underground services, and steel structure erection. We also provide system wiring, testing, and commissioning in-house from our panel shop.

We keep the lights on by upgrading the electrical systems for streetlights within municipal streets, major roadways, and highway interchanges. Our crews provide our clients with emergency call out work, streetlight maintenance and upgrades, and commercial installations such as parking lot lighting.

Traffic flow isn’t only related to lighting and signals, we also provide a wide-range of sign installation services on provincial highways and municipal roadways. We provide the construction and installation of all base and steel requirements, cantilever arms, and bridge structures.

Commercial Gas Line Installation

From the main to the home or business

We make sure our clients connect to the natural gas line by installing new lines and providing repairs and upgrades to existing lines. Our in-house services mean our clients receive uninterrupted service and work flow.

Fibre Optic Communication

From design to construction

Our fibre optic team offers communication and fibre optic services from the
initial engineering design through to construction and commissioning.  

We provide the following services:

Installation of copper and fibre optic cables from conceptional design to installation and commissioning


Conventional installation and jetting work methods 


Aerial and underground cable placement 


Ability to work in energized and confined environments 

Fleet Services Available for Rent

Providing you with what you need

We can provide rented equipment for any of your needs. Contact us to get rates for rock slingers, picker trucks, and more.


The biggest difference for us is in the range of services that CANA offers. Having the ability to provide both design and construction services for residential shallow utility services keeps all the work under the same group and provide efficiencies for the clients.

Cam Hart, General Manager

Tamani Communities 

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