Vancouver Waterfront Centre Office Tower and Hotel


Marathon Realty Company Ltd.


CANA Construction




Musson Cattell Mackey

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Construction Management




This twin tower hotel and office building development consists of a 525-room hotel and a 21-storey office tower overlooking Vancouver’s scenic ocean harbour. The office tower is the taller of the two buildings, with a height of 300 feet. It contains 10 elevators and has a four-evel underground parkade with a capacity of over 600 vehicles.

The hotel has 20 floors and measures 225 feet in elevation. This contemporary hotel exhibits a west-coast style of design. The glass exterior serves as a welcomed source of natural light and provides spectacular views for hotel guests and office tenants.

A large amount of green space was also incorporated into this facility to add a natural feel to the area. Several unique considerations were made in constructing this facility due to its vast array of levels, particularly in the hotel complex.


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