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A central gathering area that revitalizes an aging complex.


You wouldn’t guess it with the empty streets and lack of people milling about, but The District at Beltline is well underway. Considered a multi-use hub, The District is a revamp of the three buildings that make up the former IBM Campus on 11th Avenue downtown. The project includes the redevelopment of the ground floor spaces, a new beer hall in the centre plaza, and the addition of retail and entertainment areas—all aligning with the “live, work, play” theme surrounding the project.

Some upcoming highlights and milestones of the project include bringing an artist on board to decorate the exterior steel shafts and the erection of the steel structure later this summer that will make up the beer hall in the centre plaza.

The anticipated completion date for the project isn’t set in stone because the scope of the project is growing, but end of 2020 is a rough target for now.

Renderings are courtesy of Kasian Architecture.


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