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Architectural Steel Design Excellence Alberta (2012)

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A learning space for people of all ages.

TELUS Spark was constructed for the non-profit organization and features multi-use event space, educational areas and an interactive museum. This modern, state-of-the-art facility is one of Calgary’s hubs for exploring the fascinating world of science and technology. TELUS Spark is the first multi-purpose science centre in Canada in over 25 years, offering something to all ages. The facility specifically caters to youth and school-aged children with the exhibits, as well as after school programs and classes. The facility is comprised of steel and concrete and features a theatre, expansive courtyard and Brainasium park, two-floors of interactive museums, an early child development area and classrooms. A significant portion of the costs for the facility were provided by donors to the non-profit Spark organization.


CANA provided an integrated pre-Construction strategy which resulted in savings of more than $14M from the initial budget.

The project was executed in a phased approach, with the 3D Theatre completed after the building was occupied. CANA used Building Information Modeling (BIM) on the 3D Theatre to ensure that the steel components did not interfere with the mechanical, electrical, and acoustical systems in the theatre. BIM was also used to ensure that the screen (not delivered or installed until all other work in the space was completed) would fit in the dome theatre without interfering with any other installations in the space, including the steel supports and catwalks that were hung from the steel structure. The result was a successful installation of the structural system and screen without any interference from any other components.


The building was designed and constructed to be highly efficient and sustainable while at the same time being comfortable to be in, attractive and having excellent access to natural light. The use of displacement air ventilation, radiant cooling and heating, reuse of rainwater in the building for toilets and a host of other initiatives resulted in LEED Gold certification.


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