Saddle Ridge Salt Storage Structure


The City of Calgary


CANA Construction


February 2022


Start Architecture

Delivery Type:

Lump Sum




The Saddle Ridge Salt Storage Structure was a complete revitalization of an existing storage for The City of Calgary. After the existing tent structure was past its life span, CANA was engaged, along with our supplier Sprung Structures, to construct a new, more durable structure. Sprung’s tent structures are built to last 50 years under almost every hazard imaginable, including hail and hurricane winds.

The storage structure is 130 feet wide and 200 feet long, totaling 26,000 ft². There is a divider down the centre, leaving one side for salt and the other for gravel for maintaining the roadways during the winter months.

The City was really happy with our site management on this project. The site was adjacent to the operational Saddle Ridge roads maintenance facility, and they were at their busiest time of the year through November to February when we were erecting the structure. We didn’t impede their operations and maintained a safe and clean site during our work.

The civil work of brining in new service lines also went really well, and the City was impressed with how fast we completed this scope early on in the project. This got things off to a great start with our project team and has helped us build on our already strong relationship delivering infrastructure projects for the City.




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