Elk Falls Pulp and Paper Mill Expansions


Crown Forest Industries Ltd.


CANA Construction


1986 – 1990

Delivery Type:

Construction Management




CANA was involved in several upgrades and additions to the Elk Falls Pulp and Paper Mill located in Elk Falls, BC. CANA was involved in several aspects of the construction, performing civil, piping, mechanical, and electrical work for the plant on various projects. Some of the major upgrades included:

M&D Digester & Chemi-Washer (1986): This project involved construction and commissioning of the equipment and providing tie-ins to the existing plant.

Thermal Mechanical Process Production Increase (1987): Four refiners were installed, and piping and electrical work were completed.

PM Soft Calendering Facility (1990): Demolition work and reconstruction was completed to install several new pieces of calendering equipment.

Bleach Plant Conversion (1990): Equipment and piping installation, and demolition and removal of existing equipment.

CANA’s repeated work at this facility illustrates its commitment to quality and value.



CANA in action

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