Cenovus (Husky) Sunrise Camp


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A more comfortable experience for camp workers.

After decades of heavy use, the Cenovus (formerly Husky) Sunrise Camp’s worker residences needed a full renovation. CANA ReNew led the demolition and upgrade of 200 units spread out over seven wings.

In addition to the residences, CANA ReNew renovated 20,000 ft2 of common area and corridors.

The renovation included drywall removal, abatement, localized mechanical and electrical rough-in, new paint, new finishes, and new flooring. Our team took the camps accommodation from outdated to stylish and comfortable.

The camp is far from any major centre and CANA carefully planned deliveries. With a set schedule to keep, we had to be flexible with our construction sequencing because deliveries were frequently delayed.

The remote work location of the camp, and sensitive nature of Cenovus’ operations, required enhanced safety precautions unique to the site.

CANA is pleased to have delivered this project to our client’s satisfaction. Today, workers at the Sunrise Camp get to experience a more comfortable living experience while they are far from home.


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