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The Calgary Soccer Centre, constructed in 1991, still remains a ‘state of the art’ soccer facility. This complex extends over 110,000 sq.ft. of area and features five indoor soccer fields. All of these fields can also be combined to produce one full size regulation field for competitions. Dressing rooms and concessions are shared with an additional six outdoor fields. This unique structure was the first in Canada to employ the Australian “Strarch” roof system for clearspan roof trusses. This stretched arch roof provides a clear view and allows roof decking and other materials to be installed more economically and efficiently. Once all lighting, conduit, piping and ducts had been installed the roof was then “stressed” or jacked into its final position. CANA was awarded the prestigious Canadian Construction Association’s Hugh R. Montgomery Medal for the construction of the Soccer Center. The award is in recognition of the innovation utilized on the roof construction.


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