Alberta Energy Regulator Core Research Centre Re-roof


Alberta Energy Regulator


CANA Renew


March 2022


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Delivery Type:

Construction Management




The AER Re-roof project involved replacing skylights and an 86,000-ft² roof over the occupied building. Key considerations included preventing water from getting into the building while the roof/glazing was replaced. Below the roof replacement were bays with high racking storing artifacts and irreplaceable core samples that could not be damaged. We also had to maintain access to the building while replacing a skylight over the front entrance corridor. To maintain through-access, we installed a tunnel work platform scaffold in the corridor that allowed work to happen above the skylight while building users could continue to walk below the construction area.

Procurement of the roof materials was a major challenge on the project. Understanding the delays being experienced in the market, the schedule allowed for a lengthy procurement period where there was very little happening on-site. We prepared the site to immediately begin work once roof materials were in hand. We provided preconstruction planning for the artifact protection, investigative work, and tendering. We executed the work as the prime contractor and completed the work on schedule.




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