WestJet Wide Body Hangar

April 20, 2020

Bringing larger planes to WestJet's fleet.

The 125,500 ft² WestJet Wide Body Hangar expands WestJet’s operations by facilitating wide-body airplane operations, maintenance and storage. The building is long-span and features a reinforced super flat slab-on-grade, loading to accommodate massive equipment, large overhead doors to facilitate moving materials in and out of the facility and a back-of-house area. To produce a clearspan, the building features a massive structural steel truss system, each which span 80 metres end-to-end and were raised up 24 metres for the installation.


CANA successfully worked with the consultants from early on during construction in a collaborative team-focused environment. The team utilized Building Information Modelling extensively on the project to run clash detection.

The Wide Body Hangar connects to the existing hangar, which remained operational during construction. The hangar accomodates one 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft or up to four 737 aircraft.

CANA collaborated with various owner stakeholder groups including addressing the requirements of WestJet, Calgary Airport Authority, Nav Canada and Transport Canada for the building design and construction.