WestJet National Services Contract

April 20, 2020

Over the past decade, CANA has contributed significantly to the capital expansion of WestJet’s operations and ongoing development. As the sole contractor under the WestJet National Services Contract, CANA has held a multi-year contract with WestJet that has been continuously extended since 2013. Under the contract, CANA completes projects ranging from $100K in value to $3M in value with work both airside and groundside. Projects have taken place in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Moncton and Edmonton. Projects have included: renovations to hangars, front-of-house areas/retail, back-of-house areas, offices, control centres, data centres, training facilities, simulation bays and major fire alarm upgrades.

The largest project under the National Services Contract was the selective demolition and fit-out of a hangar facility in Toronto. This project involved renovations to over 160,000 ft2 of hangar space.

Access and security have been major considerations on these projects, as all work occurred in or adjacent to airports/runways or in critical operations facilities.