WestJet Data Centre Expansion

April 19, 2022

As part of the continued growth of WestJet, the need to expand their current facilities became more important. The WestJet Data Centre Expansion was designed to meet these growth demands and provide all of WestJet’s IT infrastructure requirements for at least the next 10 years. Located in the WestJet Hangar, the new data centre was designed to house all the computer servers and data storage to support not only WestJet’s existing operations but also the WestJet Campus facility. The data centre employs the latest smart power and cooling technology which reduce energy consumption by an estimated 35-40% over traditional data centre models.

The Data Centre Expansion consisted of the interior demolition and installation of a new network/server area, server preparation room, supporting UPS/electrical rooms, and a new exterior concrete chiller pad. Some key installations include redundant power via UPS, a 1MW backup generator, 15 kV alternate primary electrical service with associated switch gear, redundant cooling via N+1 dual 150 ton chiller, a clean agent fire suppression system, and electrostatic-dissipative flooring.

Extensive coordination of all installations including the mechanical piping, conduit, and cable management, and the utilization of CANA’s own forces for the on-time delivery of the concrete and rough carpentry components was vital to allow for an efficient and successful completion of the project.