West Eau Claire Park

April 20, 2020

Safe and scenic connections.


The West Eau Claire Park project was a complete re-development of the public realm, located adjacent to Eau Claire Park and the Peace Bridge in downtown, Calgary. The project was comprised of a park and promenade that connects the pathway system in Eau Claire Park, with a focus on creating a safe space along the riverfront. The Park involved a new cyclist path, Cove seating area directly at the riverfront and a Delta Gardens with seating and gathering space adjacent to the Peace Bridge. The Park was delivered in phases to allow for the continued use of the existing cyclist path. The Cove is a terraced seating area that uses cliff stone and planted areas, essential creating steps down towards the river and a look-out point. The Delta Gardens is a “delta” which directs people throughout the park using seating, planters, greenspace and gathering areas.


The promenade path creates a dynamic walking path with a textured pattern, winding through the site. A flood protection wall was also included in the scope along the river. Addition features include bike racks, custom seating throughout, planters and treed areas.

A custom feature on the project was the public art project, where the City of Calgary engaged Calgarians. The results were 12,000 customized flat survey disks installed throughout the site, imprinted with select messages from Calgarians about “where they are going or coming from.”


CANA’s scope was increased to include the second phase of the project, which involved an extension of the promenade.