University of Calgary Olympic Oval Re-roof

April 20, 2020

Adding a new roof - and meeting a tight timeline.

CANA completed a major renovation to the Olympic Oval on the University of Calgary campus. The re-roof consisted of the removal and replacement of porcelain enameled steel panels, insulation, sub-girts, as well as peel and stick membranes from the 270,000 ft2 roof.

The project had a very tight timeframe as events were planned at the Oval. With over 12,000 individual panels to remove in a seven month period, the project required detailed planning in advance. The requirement for the project was to achieve a minimum 25-year life on the new envelope. We worked with subcontractors to source high quality, durable products, which required significant quality control during installation.

Some of the roofing pieces and substructure were re-conditioned and put back in place, which resulted in additional investigative work. Each piece of the re-used roof was a unique shape and had to be installed in the same place it was removed. The pieces that could not be reconditioned to meet the 25-year life were recycled.