Tom Baker Cancer Clinic: Foothills Hospital

April 14, 2022

CANA participated in a major expansion program to this existing hospital in 1981. Key features of this development included construction of the Tom Baker Cancer Clinic, provincial labs, renal dialysis and psychiatric facilities, and a 200-bed auxiliary facility. This expansion added 550,000 ft² of additional space to the hospital, increasing its treatment capacity.

The sloped atrium area of the Tom Baker Cancer Clinic provides a comforting and pleasurable environment for long-term care patients.

Attention to circulation in the design of the facility was also of importance. Patient, out-patient, and visiting areas were all integrated to help improve circulation in the building. It was also necessary to provide linkage to the existing hospital so that patients and staff could maneuver around the complex with ease.

A "small street" motif was employed in the concourse of the clinic, lined with shops and other amenities to humanize the new building.