Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

April 20, 2020

An innovative learning space.


The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning was constructed in the heart of the University of Calgary campus. The building provides research, education, and meeting/conference spaces. The intent was to provide students and faculty with a space for innovative, hands-on learning and educational development.

The facility was designed to offer clearspan spaces and an open, light and airy feel. CANA worked with the designers to facilitate this approach and provided an alternate strategy (value analysis) of glulam wood beams and steel hybrid structure to add visual interest. Building Information Modeling (BIM) was used extensively during the structural system erection.


There are numerous “touch-down” spaces throughout the building, as well as suspended wood and glass meeting “pods” in the main atrium. All of the multi-purpose areas and meeting rooms were built with operable wall systems that allow them to be easily reconfigured. The building also has full wireless capability.


Work was completed adjacent to two other active construction sites. CANA participated in joint Health and Safety Committee meetings with the other contractors and coordinated with them for deliveries and trade access, ultimately in the shared goal of minimizing disruption to the campus.


The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is LEED Gold certified.