Taylor Family Quadrangle Park

April 20, 2020

A vibrant campus connector.

The Quadrangle (Quad) is an outdoor landscaped park and common area that helps to provide a circulation network for pedestrians in and around the Taylor Family Digital Library. The paving surrounding the library emulates the patterned cladding on the building - flowing through to all adjacent areas. The pathways from the Quad connect all of the main buildings on the campus. Pathways lined with trees and plant life provide a pedestrian-oriented area where students and faculty can gather on grassed areas or the seating provided.


The project features specialty construction elements with rock sculptures emulating geographic landscape and the patterns in the paving are meant to represent the prairies of Southern Alberta.

The park was designed to flow through to the rest of the campus, while also being a vibrant standalone space. Treed areas and plants are low-impact and indigenous.

The project was completed in the heart of the University of Calgary campus. A large amount of underground services were located on the site, some known and some unknown. CANA undertook a thorough investigation of as-built information and performed additional analysis.