Taylor Centre for Performing Arts

April 20, 2020

Facilitating musical and theatrical teaching and learning.


The 100,000 ft2 Taylor Centre for Performing Arts is home of the Mount Royal Conservatory and Bella Performance Hall. This unique venue was constructed to facilitate student development in all areas of music and theatre instruction, as well as act as a performance space. The project is LEED Gold accredited.

CANA provided significant pre-construction planning. As part of this process, CANA provided an opportunity for significant savings on alternate materials and systems with some accepted by The University. The design resulted in a number of scope additions and modifications, which initiated changes that were approved by the Owner.


The complexity of the design resulted in a number of design-build solutions being integrated for the custom components. As an example, the “rose canopy” featured in the Bella Concert Hall was completed in a design-build arrangement, which resulted in significant cost savings.

The main priority of the project was ensuring safety of all students, staff and visitors, as the project was located on a busy and operational campus, as well as adjacent to an operational building, which had classes running the entire duration of the project.