Spyhill Arrest Processing Facility

March 25, 2020

Administrative spaces, holding cells, and a green roof.

The Spyhill Services Centre is a new administrative and processing/holding facility for The City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service (CPS), located in the northwest of Calgary. The multi-purpose facility features administrative office space, meeting and interview rooms, a fitness centre, full shower area, quiet rooms, BBQ patio area, prayer rooms, as well as 50 short-term holding cells and related processing facilities.


The building is a pre-cast and steel structure with a primarily pre-cast and curtainwall façade. The interior finishes are unique given the nature of the building with significant security considerations and noise mitigation.

The entire project was modelled using Building Information Modeling, as CANA worked collaboratively with the design team to run clash detections to support effective field construction.


Environmental sustainability was a major factor in the site planning, as the building is located adjacent to a wetland. Measures were put in place to manage the erosion and sediment control, bird migratory patterns, and monitoring of site activities.

The most remarkable aspect of the project was Calgary Police Services' unique method of testing the facility. 30 undercover officers had ten minutes to break anything possible. This allowed CANA and Stantec to review the damage and employ different materials where required.

The building is targeting LEED silver designation. Sustainable features include a green roof on the majority of the building. The project was completed on schedule.