Sprung Pandemic Response Unit

June 30, 2020

Albertans helping Albertans.


When COVID-19 hit Alberta, CANA, Stantec, Sprung Structures, Engineered Air, Falkbuilt, Accutech, and Botting knew we had to do something. Together, we planned and delivered Alberta’s first field hospital at Peter Lougheed Centre. The field hospital was intended to provide additional spaces and resources for treating COVID-19 patients.

As COVID-19 cases grew, the team had to complete this project quickly before the outbreak peaked. Close collaboration saw the project go from design to completion in just under three weeks.


The project’s speed and the team’s ability to work together successfully will help projects moving forward as we learned that we can deliver quickly when needed.

Sprung Structures generously donated the structure, CANA led the construction, and Stantec Architecture led the design.

Watch the video of our collaborative approach: