Spruce Meadows: Food Services Building

April 6, 2022

The Food Services Building is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the largest of its type in the city. At over 10,000 ft² in size, this building serves as the central kitchen for Spruce Meadows' catering for all of its conferences and corporate box suites. The central location makes it an ideal amenity and great asset to Spruce Meadows’ operations. The facility was equipped with the most modern food processing equipment available.

For many years, CANA has played a significant role in the development of numerous facilities at this world class sporting facility. Spruce Meadows has become a world class equestrian facility. All of CANA’s Spruce Meadows projects have been completed within very difficult time frames given the summer event schedules and all were completed within budget expectations. Our repeat work is indicative of our consistent performance.