Silverado and Skyview Ranch Catholic Schools

March 25, 2020

LEED Silver schools that will serve Calgarians for generations.

The Apostles of Jesus (Skyview Ranch) and Holy Child (Silverado) Schools, in Skyview Ranch and Silverado, were procured in a “Bundle” by the Calgary Catholic School District. Both schools are nearly identical in program areas and serve students in kindergarten to grade nine. The schools feature a library/learning commons, career technologies area with a shop and home economics lab, traditional classrooms, music and art rooms, science laboratories, and two gymnasia with change rooms, weight rooms, storage and offices.


The construction is predominately steel and masonry block with punched windows, concrete foundations and slab-on-grade. The schools are LEED Silver and encompass a number of sustainable features including low VOC compounds for paint, sealants and other finishes, as well as incorporating recycled materials. High indoor air quality was a major consideration as it is essential to produce the best learning environment for students.


There were city-wide issues with capacity for masons, which was a challenge for many schools. To reduce risk and maintain the schedule, CANA assessed sourcing multiple contractors for interior and exterior masonry block to ensure sufficient resources were available. CANA worked with the owner to minimize impact from an owner-initiated change dictating specific erosion and sediment control requirements were not initially dictated in the tender documents. The project was completed on schedule.