SMART Technologies Head Office

April 19, 2022

This project created SMART Technologies' new global headquarters in University of Calgary's Research Park. As SMART Technologies was on the leading edge of custom-focused collaboration products, this building included state-of-the-art facilities which accommodated the rapid changes that occured in the computer industry.

An 18-inch raised access floor was used throughout the entire facility, housing all mechanical, power, and data systems. The access floor provided a higher level of air quality by using displacement ventilation which was more energy efficient and quieter than traditional overhead systems available at the time. It provided continuous cooling to SMART’s Server Centre as cool air is provided at the base of the server racks, drawn through the racks past the servers, and exhausted out the top. It also provided the flexibility to reconfigure office layouts as SMART’s needs change.

The main design focus of this building was to provide optimum working conditions for SMART’s staff including such amenities as a fully equipped gym, health facility, café and dining area, and day care centre.