Rundle College Campus Renovations

March 25, 2020

Renovations to an occupied school.

CANA completed a campus works redevelopment project following the new Rundle College K-6 school construction. This project widened roadways and added sidewalks and landscaping to accommodate the additional volume of pedestrians and vehicles. The results were better flow of traffic and circulation on the campus.

CANA was also engaged to complete various renovations and expansions on campus in the Junior/Senior High School. The Society Office Addition involved a two-storey addition and basement, which is used for event space, offices, and locker rooms for the adjacent sports fields. The parking lot was also updated.

In the occupied school, CANA completed a renovation to the multi-purpose room in the library, as well as the experimental classrooms and lunch room. All work was completed while students and faculty continued to use the building and nearby sports fields. The projects were planned and coordinated according to the requirements of Rundle College to maintain safe access at all times.