Red Deer Polytechnic Redevelopment

December 1, 2022

Red Deer Polytechnic (formerly Red Deer College) has seen some extensive roofing work and other renovations over the last several months. The mechanical space by the carpentry school had quite an outdated roof structure, which became more compromised after additional glycol heating lines were added. Because this extra weight wasn't accounted for, CANA was brought in to reinforce the roof.

At first, we were looking at replacing the existing roof structure, but a second option proved to be the better route. The team constructed a brand new "cold roof" that was built on the existing roof. It's considered a cold roof because it's not insulated and the space between the old and new roofs will be be open and accessible to facility staff.

Some of the work involved installing four posts to support the new roof and take the weight off the existing one. The posts had to be craned in from above and dropped through the building into the ground. It was technical work and not a typical task, but one the team handled well.

Other work at the institution includes the renovation of a theatre-style classroom into a laboratory and some other demolition/renovation work.