Red Deer Co-op Gas Bar, Convenience Store, and Car Wash

April 18, 2022

The Red Deer Co-op Gas Bar and Car Wash is located at Gaetz Avenue (also known as Highway 2A) and 32nd Street in Red Deer, conveniently located for the surrounding community and travellers passing through. The site consists of a 20-station gas bar, a touchless war wash, and a convenience store.

Having built several Co-op gas bars in Calgary, we were very up-to-speed on Co-op’s requirements and specifications for such a build. Working in Red Deer, however, was somewhat new to us as of lately, and we built some strong relationships with local trades and suppliers through this project.

There were some schedule delays due to procurement issues, mainly around steel and glass, which pushed the completion a bit. Co-op was understanding of this problem, and we worked together to adjust tasks and look for alternate materials where possible.