Project Milestone: YW Sheriff King Affordable Housing Unit Complete

February 17, 2023

We're happy to announce that we have achieved substantial performance on the Affordable Housing Unit at the YW Sheriff King Redevelopment. This is a major milestone for the team and allows YW to start utilizing the space right away. The intended use of the building is for short-term rentals for women and their families needing housing with subsidies available to lower the cost.

The three-level concrete building consists of 21 units that have two and three bedrooms, and two full bathrooms.

The site has shifted slightly to section off this completed scope while work on the Crisis Shelter continues until the scheduled completion of July. The next big milestone for that building will be the delivery of the trusses for the pitched roof. Currently, levels one and two have all utilities roughed in and interior framing is just about complete. Drywall on these levels will begin right away.

A shared courtyard with concrete benches, a fire pit, playground, and a dog run will also start as soon as weather allows.

The YW Sheriff King Redevelopment is a complete revitalization of the original crisis shelter, which was in operation for 40 years at the same site. With the pandemic in 2020, continued economic downturn, and high rates of domestic violence, YW pushed hard to get this project off the ground. In 2021, CANA was chosen as construction manager to build the new facility, which consists of two buildings, an affordable housing complex and a shelter for more short-term needs.


Exterior shots of the project site. The Affordable Housing Unit achieved substantial performance on January 31. Residents will begin moving in in the next couple weeks. The Crisis Shelter will be complete in July, along with a shared courtyard area.


Kitchen in one of the suites. There are 21 suites in total with 2 that are barrier free and 2 that are adaptable, meaning they can be converted to barrier free if required.


Barrier free washroom in one of the units.


Level three of the Crisis Shelter waiting for trusses to arrive for the pitched roof. Levels one and two are ready for drywall to begin right away.


Team picture in one of the units.
From left to right: Darren McGuire (Superintendent), Amanda Robertson (Project Coordinator), Brodie Aiken (Senior Superintendent), Melissa DiManno (Assistant Construction Manager), Joshua Berry (Carpenter Foreman), and Fatema Mohamed (Intern)
Missing from photo: Randy Anda (Project Director), Yerko Cerda (Carpenter), and Denara Very (Carpenter)