Petro-Canada Centre

April 5, 2022

The Suncor Energy Centre, formerly the Petro-Canada Centre, is a 1,950,000-ft² complex composed of two granite and reflective glass-clad office towers of 32 floors and 52 floors, situated in the office core of downtown Calgary.

The towers were constructed using steel and reinforced concrete frames on concrete foundations. Floors consist of smooth concrete and can sustain heavier than normal loads. The roof of both towers is slanted at a forty-five degree angle and the buildings are clad with granite. The exterior features a glass curtain wall with reflective windows to minimize glare from outside. The complex also contains 46 passenger and 3 freight elevators.

CANA accomplished a major feat during the construction by pumping concrete at a record elevation of 700 feet at the time it was built.

The office towers encompass 1,700,000 ft² of rentable office space with the complex also containing 250,000 ft² of retail and underground parking area. A glass-enclosed walkway (part of the +15 system) provides shelter and easy access to the surrounding buildings.

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat lists the west tower as the 19th tallest building in Canada and the fourth tallest skyscraper outside of Toronto at 705 feet. The west tower overtook the Calgary Tower as the tallest free-standing structure in Calgary from its completion in 1984, until being surpassed by the neighbouring Bow in 2010.