PLC Hemodialysis Unit

April 21, 2020

Delivered early to save lives.


The Peter Lougheed Centre’s Hemodialysis Unit provides vital treatments for patients who often need three treatments every week. The increasing numbers of patients required the Peter Lougheed Centre to expand the unit into an adjacent shelled space. CANA provided the fit-out of the expansion within the operational hospital. The expansion has doubled the patient capacity and also provides additional training areas and new nurse workstations.

Part of the project involved temporarily relocating the staff lounge. Once CANA completed the Hemodialysis Unit expansion, we renovated the temporary lounge into open workspaces and offices.

Our original project schedule planned for the project to be completed in April 2020, but COVID-19 changed all that. With the anticipated need for emergency treatment spaces to address the COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta Health Services (AHS) requested that CANA complete the project four weeks ahead of schedule.


CANA met this challenge and delivered the project to meet the revised schedule. Our team worked longer hours and over the weekend, expedited long-lead material deliveries, and coordinated closely. While we successfully navigated the usual challenges of working in an operational hospital, we also had to address the new requirements of working safely during a pandemic. We did this be staggering work shifts to limit the number of workers onsite to ensure proper social distancing.