Mount Royal University: Centre for Continuous Learning

April 13, 2022

This building was designed to store and re-use rain water for sanitary purposes and irrigation. The exposed concrete holds heat in the winter and removes excess heat in the summer, along with utilizing the college water supply to cool the building, avoiding the need for chillers. The roof is a high-efficiency roof with good reflectance to hold the heat in the winter and reflect the heat in the summer to prevent heat gain.

The Mount Royal College Centre for Continous Learning is a LEED gold certified project. The indoor environment has been carefully studied to assure that all new construction and renovations meet with Canadian LEED requirements. CO2 monitoring, the use of natural light and views, along with natural ventilation, thermal comfort, development and implementation of an indoor air quality management plan during construction were all planned with the end users' best interest in mind. This plan was concluded by a building flush to ensure the building was passed on in a clean state with no high volatile organic compound levels remaining.

CANA implemented a waste management plan to reduce the amount of landfill waste on this project by using recycled and regionally-manufactured materials. This system has been very successful and reduced project costs by almost half.