Meet the CANA team: Tony Law, Construction Manager

August 17, 2020

CANA has a good group of people with a wealth of experience that I am always learning from.” – Tony Law


Tony Law is a construction manager and professional engineer working in CANA’s major projects group. Having started at CANA as an engineering intern, Tony returned as a project engineer and was later promoted to construction manager. He has been at CANA for over seven years and most recently managed the successful construction of the BRIO Brentwood rental apartment tower, a project that came in on schedule and below budget. Tony enjoys the construction industry because he takes pride in seeing people use and benefit from the projects he has managed.

Below are some of his thoughts on being a construction manager at CANA and his key takeaways for building a successful project.

A team-oriented role

“It’s a heavily team-oriented role that involves facilitating coordination between all members of the project team, including owners, consultants, and subtrade partners, and helping prioritize the work. This coordination includes identifying and removing roadblocks and hurdles for the project.

Construction managers also proactively work with the team to help identify major potential project risks and issues and come up with ways to prevent or mitigate these risks.

It is also important to facilitate a positive team culture both with the internal team and the overall integrated team, including external stakeholders, to help create an environment that everyone can enjoy working in,” said Tony.

Strong and open communication to build trust

“Managing and maintaining relationships with subcontractors, consultants, and owners is an ongoing daily function of the role. There are always potentially sensitive and difficult discussions to be had, especially when it comes to cost and schedule implications. We monitor compliance of contractual responsibilities and ensure work is being carried out accordingly. This goes both ways, between ourselves and both the owners and subcontractors.

Regular and proactive communication with owners is key. By understanding what their priorities and concerns are, we are able to address them in a way that builds confidence and comfort. This in turn helps build trust,” explains Tony.

Maintaining a balance

Outside of leading major builds, Tony is an avid golfer, enjoys playing and watching soccer, and creating artwork. He also enjoys trying out new foods and travelling with his wife. He is also a pet-parent to Patty, a pug/beagle cross and Tater, an orange tabby.


Tony and his pug/beagle cross, Patty.