Meet the CANA team: Dragan Marinkovic, BIM Manager

August 5, 2021

As CANA’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) Manager, Dragan Marinkovic has steadily built his career on solving real-life construction problems in the virtual world. By identifying clashes and providing accurate numbers for estimating, Dragan’s work has helped CANA stay at the forefront of this increasingly important technology.

Simply put, BIM is a process of generating and managing digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of buildings.

Dragan joined CANA in 2006 and was quick to jump at the opportunity of learning BIM and the related software to discover how it could benefit the company. His first experience delivering a key solution was on the TELUS Spark project in 2010. Through modeling a catwalk in the planetarium, he was able to identify that the design measurements were incorrect and that it would not fit as intended.

“That’s when I realized how powerful BIM was.”

Since then, Dragan has worked on hundreds of projects for CANA, where he has built trust with not only our construction managers but also with the design and architectural teams we work with. He has proven again and again that staying on schedule and on budget requires careful planning in the preconstruction phase. From modeling mechanical rooms to entire buildings, Dragan’s dedication to his craft has proved invaluable to CANA over the years.

But his dedication goes further than just at his day job. Dragan is a key member of CanBIM, a national association for BIM professionals, and was one of only a handful of pioneers in its early days. Some of the standards used by the association to this day are a direct result of his participation.

It’s fairly typical to have mentors when learning your craft, but this wasn’t quite the case for Dragan.

“I didn’t really know anyone learning BIM at that time, so I would come in early before work and stay up late learning all the software and seeing what it could do.”

But as Dragan brings more people into his world and helps train the next generation of BIM professionals, he has developed some well-thought-out advice:

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes — just do it. It’s the only way you’ll learn. And, in fact, by not trying things and worrying about messing up, you will tend to make more mistakes.”

Outside of work, Dragan enjoys kayaking, hiking, and watching sports. He even used to play professional football in his home country of Serbia!

Thanks, Dragan, for your dedication and hard work, and for always pushing the bar higher to help make CANA a leader in construction.