Meet the CANA team: Dallas Chadney, Superintendent

April 22, 2021

We would like to recognize Dallas Chadney this month for his 15 years of service to CANA. Starting as an interiors foreman on the Calgary Courts Centre in 2006, Dallas has become one of our most sought-after superintendents. His personable attitude, strong communication skills, and his keen eye for quality make him a superb representative on any project.

Dallas’ most memorable project is the Saddledome flood restoration from 2013. Following the devastating floods in June of that year, a team of no fewer than 2,000 people was quickly assembled to tackle this project of a lifetime. Dallas was responsible for the east half of the Saddledome, ensuring that interior finishes were completed on time and to the high standards required for an NHL arena.

Dallas didn’t get to this level in his career without some key mentors, though, and some of those people include Ed Stern, John Dorian, Kerry Aymont Sr., Dave Lapinskie, Pierre Champness, and John Simpson — all names well known at the CANA head office and project sites.

Looking back on 15 years, Dallas’ reputation as a leader in the company means his advice is often sought from younger people, and it’s clear why:

“Learn as much as you can from your peers and supervisors within the CANA team. Embrace the different experiences and techniques that your peers have had in their careers and use that experience to succeed on your projects. Together, we have hundreds of years of construction experience.”

Outside of work, Dallas is an outdoors and travel enthusiast. When he’s not hiking, mountain biking, or hunting, he’s probably working on his new expedition truck, which — judging by the pictures — could take him just about anywhere in the world.

Thanks, Dallas, for your commitment and service to CANA over the last 15 years, and we look forward to many more with you.