Meet the CANA team: Chad Kollman, Assistant Construction Manager

April 15, 2021

Chad Kollman started with CANA in 2011 as a project coordinator and has helped build some our strongest relationships with clients. From the University of Calgary, to Alberta Health Services, to WestJet, to the City of Calgary, Chad has worked tirelessly to uphold CANA’s commitment to quality service and meeting budget and schedule requirements. Today, as an Assistant Construction Manager, Chad continuously demonstrates his superior ability to manage projects and resolve any and all obstacles that get in the way.

Starting with his first project at the Kids Cancer Care Foundation’s Camp Kindle, Chad has had numerous mentors along the way that have helped with develop in his career:

“One of the greatest things about working at CANA is that there’s no shortage of mentors. There are lots of great people here with vast knowledge of construction and many years of experience, and they are always willing to help.”

When Chad thinks about the advice he now gives to younger people starting out in their careers, he doesn’t hesitate:

“Always ask questions. If you are unsure about something, your coworkers are your biggest asset.”

Outside of work, Chad enjoys spending time with his family, renovating his cabin out at Gull Lake, and advancing his craftsmanship on the lathe and other wood projects.

Thanks, Chad, for your commitment and dedication to CANA, and congratulations on 10 years!