Meet the CANA team: Brian Kittlaus, Superintendent

November 15, 2020

Brian Kittlaus has sage advice for upcoming superintendents at CANA: “Don’t pretend to know everything—ask questions and learn through that process.”

This is a crucial skill that is often overlooked. But when you’ve spent 35 years honing your craft, you learn what works—and what doesn’t.

Brian has proved himself to be an indispensable asset to CANA as a superintendent. From his first project at the University of Calgary’s McEwan Hall, to the vertical expansion at Rockyview General Hospital, to the West LRT project several years later, Brian has not only helped CANA grow as a business but he has also helped the city of Calgary grow into the wonderful place it is today through these large infrastructure projects.

This year, Brian’s reached a major milestone: he’s been with CANA for 15 years.

When Brian isn’t managing sites and crews, he could be across the world travelling to historic sites (when there isn’t a pandemic), playing music with kids, or out kayaking and cycling with his wife.

Thanks, Brian, for your continued dedication and service to CANA. And, congratulations on 15 years!