Martel Block

August 24, 2022

Martel Block is a two-storey development in the vibrant community of Marda Loop. This area has seen a lot of growth in the last few years, and Martel Block is well situated on the corner of 34th Ave and 20th St SW, giving it prominent exposure. The architect on this project is Systemic Architecture, and they've curated a modern look for the building with lots of glazing that will provide great natural light for all the tenant spaces.

The main level has three tenant spaces, which will include Deville Coffee, Chachi's, and a third that is to be determined. The top level has two tenant spaces, which will most likely house medical offices of some type.

The entire building totals 8,000 ft² and has concrete foundation made up of piles and grade beams, with a steel structure.

We mobilized to site in February of 2022 and quickly completed demolition of the existing building, and then began construction in mid-March of that year. Completion is scheduled for early March 2023.


Exterior shot of Martel Block at the corner of 34 Ave and 20 St SW.


South face of the building.


Level one middle tenant space, which will become home to Deville Coffee.


Level two tenant space, which will house a medical office.