Highwood Park Pool Renovation

March 19, 2020

Improving Calgary's recreational areas.

CANA was engaged by The City of Calgary to modify the pool, mechanical/pool room and mechanical system at Highwood Park under a Stipulated Price contract. Phased over two summer seasons, the project was completed ahead of schedule.

CANA was responsible for demolition of the existing pool basin up to 30 feet down. All of the existing mechanical systems were also removed, the slab was demolished and a new sump was installed for the pool system. New mechanical systems included boilers for heating and a filtration system. Minor renovations to the pool room, including adding a separate chemical room, installing a new roof and power feed to the building were completed. CANA completed the new pool basin including the concrete, grounding and heat actuated paint.

We were also responsible for the pool deck, which was poured to a very specific tolerance/slope in order to properly drain water back into the pool and prevent pooling on the deck.

The pool is wheel chair accessible and also features a shallow gradual ramp into the pool area. A play/splash pool component was included and features water toys and spraying systems, which were procured from a pool contractor.