High Density Library - Phase II

March 19, 2020

Environmentally controlled library storage facility.

The two-storey 48,000 ft2 steel building was constructed directly adjacent to the existing operational High Density Library and connected on the main level. We worked with building operators to limit disruption as much as possible, during construction and when the building systems from both phases were switched/tied-in. The expansion not only added book storage but also increased the controlled storage space, created a viewing/research room for books and artifacts, added an automated book check-out system, as well as cold storage, processing, shipping and receiving and offices.


The building features low energy advanced technologies, which have resulted in the mechanical and electrical systems using 40 per cent less energy than a typical building. Special attention was paid to the envelope to maintain the correct temperature and humidity, while ensuring the building performance met the energy standards. There is also a stormwater retention pond on site that collects run-off, which is used for non-potable water.


The building is LEED Gold, as CANA was able to balance the humidity and temperature controls, with the sustainability requirements of the University. We diverted 85% of the construction waste from the landfill.