Fabrizio Carinelli celebrates 25th anniversary at CANA

June 12, 2020

Battling his way down to Calgary from Edmonton in a giant snowstorm, Fabrizio Carinelli impressed past vice president Joe Meier right off the bat. Hired on as a junior engineer, Fabrizio's first job with CANA was on the Saddledome Renovations in 1995. Since then, Fabrizio has worked his way up in the company, delivering numerous high-profile projects including the Calgary Courts Centre and the Saddledome Reconstruction following the 2013 Alberta floods. Today, Fabrizio is the president of CANA Construction. He oversees all construction projects at CANA and mentors a team of up-and-coming project directors and construction managers. His devotion to the construction industry is shown in his hands-on approach to working with his team, and in his involvement in the Calgary Construction Association. Outside of work, Fabrizio enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and playing golf, soccer, and doing indoor spin classes.

Hear what Fabrizio has to say about his 25 years with CANA: