Delta Bow Valley Inn

April 11, 2022

At the time of its construction in 1981, this hotel was one of the top-of-the-line hotels in Calgary. The 25-storey building features 398 rooms including several prestige suites and business suites. The interior incorporates a western motif as well as native and regional art to highlight Calgary’s western culture. Several dining areas were also constructed within the hotel, including the award-winning Conservatory, a four-diamond dining room serving the best in regional cuisine.

In addition to dining space, several meeting rooms were incorporated into the design. In all, the Delta Bow Valley Inn features 10 large meeting rooms with a combined capacity of 325 people. The highlight of these rooms is the ballroom, with a 150-person capacity. This ballroom spans over 2,800 ft² and includes a 1,365-ft² foyer with grand windows. The Garden Patio room accommodates up to 200 people with a large outdoor patio and an elegant décor. An indoor pool and fitness area allows guests to work out in style.

Construction details include the use of a high-rise steel frame with pre-cast concrete floor slabs and pre-cast concrete brick-faced wall panels for the exterior.