Crowfoot Library

April 18, 2022

The Crowfoot branch of the Calgary Public Library was the first occupied LEED certified building in Calgary. CANA was awarded the CISC Alberta Steel Design Award in the architectural category in 2004 after completing construction. This branch services the rapidly expanding northwest quadrant of the city. It is designed to provide maximum long-term flexibility.

Structural steel framing was selected for the roof in order to economically achieve the desired 24,400 mm clear span. Wood framing was contemplated during the preliminary design phase, but member sizes and costs were both larger than desired.

The tapered open-web steel joists, spaced at approximately 2,400 mm centres, gives the appearance of greater interior height, facilitates indirect lighting, allows passage of mechanical and electrical systems, and provides roof slope. Galvanized steel exterior sunshades were installed to reduce heat gain through the extensive perimeter glazing.

The beautifully designed building encompasses some unique features including an open fireplace in the reading area which allows the users to enjoy the library setting. An efficient design afforded a larger building than originally programmed, and the project finished under budget.