Confidential Office Building

August 12, 2020

Open and friendly office space in a secure building.

The highly secure office campus redevelopment involves the renovation to 35,000 ft² of existing office space and the addition of another building housing 45,000 ft² of office space.


Functions included in these facilities are: approximately 40,000 ft² of general office for engineers, planners, administration and operations personnel; an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC); a call centre, and a series of “war rooms”. The whole of the complex, including the site access, is designed and constructed to anti-terrorism requirements, bomb resistance and vehicle anti-breach requirements. The building design and materials covey a sense of openness, friendliness, and collaboration to balance the secure nature of the building.

CANA was engaged to work with the consultant in a collaborative approach to construction. CANA managed all site development scopes, including demolition of existing structures, hardscape and parking in the site area, site services, building construction and renovations. CANA worked with the owner to address phasing requirements and to limit impact on the building undergoing renovations.