CHR NW Renal Dialysis Clinic Northland Village Shoppes

April 14, 2022

The new NW Renal Dialysis Clinic at the Northland Village Shoppes was completed June 10, 2005 and was open to the public June 15. The new unit houses an 18-station renal dialysis facility that has helped alleviate the pressure on the overwhelmed dialysis units at the Foothills hospital enabling the Calgary Health Region to better accommodate and serve its patients.

Similar to the FMC Hemodialysis Unit 27, the central nursing station and open floor plan with ten-foot high ceilings allows for clear sight lines and an open work space which is one of the main highlights of the renovation. As well, the newly renovated units allows for more support space that encompasses sufficient room for offices, meeting rooms, and storage.

New security systems have also been installed to the existing mall to allow the clinic to run after hours when the mall is closed.

“Demand for hemodialysis services is growing steadily in Alberta, averaging 10% to 12% per year,” explains Marilyn Visser, Director, Southern Alberta Renal Program and Southern Alberta Transplant Program (2005). “The new Northwest Calgary Hemodialysis Unit expands our ability to care for patients in the community, closer to their homes.”

The unit employs 50 multi-disciplinary staff and is equipped with the latest hemodialysis equipment. It also has three stations specifically designated for visitors from outside the region requiring dialysis treatment when they are in Calgary.