CANA launches digital wallet to improve safety credential tracking

June 22, 2021

New safety application will revolutionize how we track and manage worker credentials.

Credivera, an Alberta company providing proof of workforce certifications, is working on a multi-phase safety application project with CANA. The solution provides CANA access to verified, digital credentials on all work sites resulting in increased time on tools, improved certainty of qualifications, and enhanced safety for all employees.

CANA is one of Calgary's largest construction organizations and is digitizing traditional health and safety practices. With a number of new projects coming up for CANA, Credivera’s solution will remove the need for binders of certifications at a site, alleviate the risk of fraudulent trade documentation, and increase the confidence of site managers that everyone has the required credentials they need to operate safely and efficiently.

“CANA is committed to maintaining a first-class safety program while also executing with operational effectiveness,” shared Luke Simpson, President, CANA. “The construction industry is at a crossroad for change. Traditional processes do not always work in this new digital economy, which consists of online training and remote work sites now operating from phones or tablets. We wanted to innovate and with the increase of large projects, it has enabled us to scale fast and securely with Credivera.”

The Credivera suite of solutions are built using private blockchain and cloud technology. Their modules enable a level of security and verifications that are key for reducing corporate risk and liability from the pre-hire stage of employees and contractors, through to managing and then off-boarding workers after a project.

“We’re proud as an Alberta-based technology company to be supporting other Canadian organizations’ innovatations. CANA implemented our Daily Check, a health module for COVID-19, and our Digital Wallet – the digital credential solution that verifies workers certifications directly from the training provider in real-time,” said Credivera’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Giurescu. “As CANA embarks on breaking ground on a number of new projects in 2021, they’ll have a streamlined process for managing thousands of worker certifications onsite with the highest privacy controls and are accessible all by a mobile device.”

Watch CANA president Luke Simpson discuss the implementation of the Credivera Wallet with Credivera's Dan Giurescu.