Bow Valley College 3rd and 7th Floors Renovations

May 3, 2022

A modern look for a revitalized institution.

The environment in which you learn plays a big role in how you retain and understand information. This is even more true for entertainment arts, where lighting and colour for animation work and game development are critical. These ideas were the foundation for the redevelopment of this exisiting space.

Delivered under a construction management contract, the project involved renovations to the 3rd and 7th floors of Bow Valley College’s (BVC) downtown Calgary campus in the south building. Work involved decanting furniture, demolishing laboratories and classrooms, and completing new construction that involved framing, mechanical and electrical work, drywall, and finishes. We completed investigative work early on to look for any discrepancies with the drawings and listed conditions, issued the tenders for subtrades, and completed construction as the prime contractor. The campus was also partially occupied during the work.


The largest issue in the early stages of the project was procurement. We communicated with the consultants, reiterating the need to select local products where possible, and for the most part, we were able to use locally sourced products to hedge against risks with long-lead time items and cost volatility.


Another challenge was having occupied areas adjacent to construction. We worked with College Campus Services and BVC project management to plan the schedule to avoid overly disruptive work during peak hours to ensure we could meet the required completion date. Our team worked around exam schedules and other events at the campus, and we were able to maintain the overall schedule despite having to change some activities in response to these events.