Boom Office Renovation

May 3, 2022

Delivered under a lump sum contract, this project involved a structural modification to the warehouse area and renovations and tenant fit-outs to convert a mezzanine level into offices. The original warehouse had two mezzanine spaces, and we infilled between the two mezzanines to create one large continuous level. The structural modifications involved cutting into the slab, adding a new pad footing, installing new columns, and tying back to the existing steel structure. This space is now used for offices, which has expanded Boom’s office area by three times.

The building was occupied during the work, and we coordinated with the owner’s team to mitigate impact as much as possible to plan disruptive work accordingly. Because we were installing new pad footings adjacent to existing foundations, we completed investigative work to confirm the bearing capacity of the soil and verify the design details. We had an engineer verify the load bearing capacity and compaction to ensure the structural integrity was not compromised prior to excavating for the pad footings.

We added a bank of washrooms and a gym that required additional power from the transformer on the street side of the building. We had to re-pull the service from the street to the building. The civil work was closely coordinated to ensure no service disruptions or impact to traffic.

To hedge against procurement risks, we suggested an alternate flooring product that was available, fit-for-use, and more cost effective. The product is more durable and will better upstand wear and tear for a longer life.

The client wanted an antique truck built into the room. Because of access constraints, we moved the truck in first, then built/infilled the mezzanine level. We carefully worked around the truck to prevent damage, doing work above it without any issues.